Your First Appointment


What to Expect

Our first appointment will entail a detailed discussion of your current circumstances and psychiatric symptoms as well as details of your psychiatric, medical, personal, and professional history. Together we will arrive at a diagnosis and develop a plan to realize your treatment goals. Sometimes more than one appointment is required to confirm a diagnosis and treatment plan, and treatment interventions and goals may also evolve as you respond and engage with treatment. I’ll remind you that you are an active participant in your treatment and can expect the level of focus and dedication you have towards your health and wellbeing to play a determinant factor in your progress.


The first appointment is usually about 90 minutes and may include initial acupuncture treatment if it is determined acupuncture should be a component of your care. You can also anticipate recommendations (and prescriptions if needed) for medications, herbal remedies and supplements, and nutritional counseling. Please be mindful of your individuality and uniqueness. Each person arrives in my care with their own personal health history and challenges, and thus the number of follow-up appointments necessary to achieve an individual’s treatment goals will vary.

Important Practice Information


Please note I am an out-of-network provider and currently do not accept insurance. I will provide you with a monthly statement for your insurance company through the secure online patient portal. This “superbill” contains all of the information you will need for reimbursement. Please note that although many PPO insurance plans provide reimbursement, I cannot guarantee the rate of reimbursement your plan allows for. If you have any questions, you will need to contact your insurance company prior to scheduling an appointment to confirm your reimbursement.




I require at least a 24-hour (or one business day for a cancellation of a Monday appointment) notice to cancel a scheduled appointment without being charged.  If you miss an appointment or cancel within 24 hours prior to your appointment, you will be charged the full fee.  Medical Records: Is it your right to have access to all your medical records upon request. All requests for copies of your medical records must be in writing; no telephone requests can be accepted. An appropriate fee based on the current hourly rate may apply for the preparation of a treatment summary.

Service Fees

Sidney Edsall:

Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment (90 min): $500.00


Follow up Appointments (60 min):  $325.00

Follow up Appointments (30 min):  $250.00

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

With oral Lozenges:                    $950

With intramuscular injection          $1100

MBCT Group (8-week course):      $425.00 

Paula Lee:

Comprehensive Diagnostic

Assessment (90min):                      $375.00

Follow up Appointment (60 min):     $260.00

Follow up Appointment (30 min):     $175.00