Individual Psychotherapy

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Psychotherapy is a primary and essential component of the care we provide. As a team of two, we can provide a cohesive healing experience that addresses your mental and physical wellness. At Quantum Integral Healing Arts we firmly believe in the use of integrative practices that address the health of your entire being. 


Dr.Edsall primarily utilizes CBT and Somatic therapies, such as Existential and Gestalt psychotherapy with clients. Somatic therapy in particular lends towards a deeper understanding of the interactive relationship between the mind and body. Somatic work is also helpful when working with past experiences of trauma as it incorporates emotional grounding skills while re-establishing a sense of trust and connection with one’s own body.


Dr. Edsall routinely discusses with clients their approaches to living life and lifestyles. She teaches relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Dr.Edsall is curious to understand her clients’ relationship to food, their diet, and exercise routines. She holds space to explore feelings, conflicts, dreams, and aspirations- and is comfortable with exploring the emotionally uncomfortable as she knows these areas are where we each find opportunities for growth.


Dr.Edsall fields questions regarding the body and the mind while remaining mindful of her own limitations to fully understand the human condition.


It was Socrates who said, “The more I know, the more I realize I know nothing” and with this in mind, Dr.Edsall works collaboratively with each of her clients. Her personal and professional experience helps her challenge clients while cultivating their trust.


It is with these skills and mindset we embark on our journey together, towards infinite health and healing potential.