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Quantum Integral Healing Arts

Holistic Medicine to Treat Every Aspect of You

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area we at Quantum Integral practice fusing Eastern and Western medical thought and philosophy to inform our treatments. From psychiatry to psychotherapy to ketamine-assisted psychotherapy to acupuncture to MBCT groups we offer a wide range of options to treat our patients' body, mind, and spirit. Consider embarking on a path of self-discovery and healing with us. We do this work to help you reach your fullest potential; to thrive and not just survive.


We look forward to meeting with you. 

Each treatment plan is personalized to the individual to help you reach the fullest potential on your healing journey.

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Meet Our Team

Dr.Sidney Edsall, MD

Dr. Sidney Edsall, MD, DABMA

“I would describe my approach as integrative since I conceptualize the mental and physical health of my clients as interconnected and interdependent. With each client, I consider the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health and well-being of each client in relation to others and within our communities.”

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Paula Lee, NP

"I believe that every person has the capacity for self-healing and wholeness. My practice is oriented toward humanistic and holistic perspectives. I offer a compassionate and non-judgmental space to listen carefully and support you wherever you may be on your journey."

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